Every single mobile device in the network of the global system for mobile communications has a unique international mobile equipment identification number. Access the official website of Track IMEI, Mobile Phones Tracker or Theft Record, and register the mobile device on the website.

Visit the registration page of the website, and submit the international mobile equipment identification number. In the Track IMEI registration form, the phone details that the user must submit include the IMEI number, the cell phone model, the color and the brand name. The phone purchase details that need to be registered include the bill number, the dealer address, the dealer phone, the date of sale and the place of purchase of the cell phone.

In addition, the registering person has to provide personal details including name, address, email, phone number for contact and the mobile number of the registered cell phone. If the company dealers do trace a mobile phone with the registered IMEI number, they can locate it and then contact the owner on the registered phone number.

Hence, it is best to store the unique international mobile equipment identification number of the mobile phone for personal use. It is a 14 or 15-digit number and is found either on the packaging of the phone or below the battery on the compliance plate.