GuruAid remote access provides technical support and solutions for computers through screen sharing. A user contacts a GuruAid technician and receives a six-digit code that is entered on the GuruAid remote access page with download instructions. The user installs remote access software that allows screen sharing to enable a technician to troubleshoot a problem and initiate a repair.

The technician can browse through the system to identify and solve technical issues. A user can stop the session and override the technician’s access at any time by closing the screen window or by using the mouse to end the session.

GuruAid also offers step-by-step instructions, should a user decide to solve a problem without allowing remote access. The company has IT experts on call, not only for software and computer problem solving, but also to provide in-depth analysis of a computer's performance. It can offer customized settings designed for specific needs.

At, visitors can access information and video tutorials on topics such as how to reinstall or restore Windows, how to download and restore Dell backup and recovery, and how to remove the Monkey Pak virus. The site has a live chat feature that enables consumers to ask technical questions.