The latest videos from JibJab, including dance videos and e-cards, appear on the JibJab website, Facebook page and YouTube channel. From the Charleston to Swing, Irish dancing to break dancing, dozens of dance videos are available on the JibJab website for personalizing and sending as Sendables or dance e-cards. Full versions of these are available on the YouTube site both with the JibJab face placeholders filled in as well as uncovered versions showing the original actors' faces as they performed.

Beyond the more generic dance style videos, JibJab is well-known for producing song-based dance videos. Popular songs used in these videos available for personalization include Right Said Fred's "I'm Too Sexy," Katrina and The Waves' "Walking on Sunshine" and James Brown's "I Feel Good." These and other dance videos appear on the Facebook page and YouTube channels as fully fleshed out — the faces are filled in with funny faces from JibJab and from user-generated cards.

Versions of the same videos on the JIbJab website have placeholders for the faces, which users can replace with personalized images. Once processed, personalized dance videos and e-cards can be viewed, but only for a few seconds. Full videos and cards are available only to members who have purchased subscriptions.