Watch ESPN3 by logging into WatchESPN from any computer or Internet-capable mobile device using your Cablevision account information. Home access to ESPN3 is available to Cablevision customers with high-speed Internet and bundled content packages. Users who only subscribe to cable television service cannot watch ESPN3 on Cablevision.

ESPN3 content is available for all Cablevision customers with a high-speed Internet subscription. However, users with a high-speed Internet connection but no cable television service can only view ESPN3 content on their home networks. Users with both cable television and Internet service from Cablevision can view ESPN3 on their home networks and use their Cablevision account information to view ESPN3 from any remote location.

ESPN3 is not the only ESPN network available to Cablevision users through the WatchESPN service. ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPNews and all other ESPN networks are also streaming on WatchESPN. However, to stream content from any of these networks, a user must have the appropriate subscription to that network through his cable television package.

Users can stream ESPN using Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and Google Chromecast. However, ESPN3 and WatchESPN content only streams on these services for users with a Cablevision cable television subscription. Internet-only subscribers only have access to video clips and highlights from ESPN's website.