To use the MEROJAX Armenian Internet Portal, go to, and select from featured Armenian television programs, songs and movies to watch related videos. Watch episodes of Armenian TV shows and drama series, music videos, news reports, and live streams of various Armenian TV channels and radio stations. The portal also offers a chat room.

The MEROJAX portal features several TV shows, including "Amenic Amena," "Aravote Shantum," "Mardkayin Gortson," "ArmComedy" and "Sur Ankyun," as of 2016. Some serial dramas on the website include "Sahmanin," "Domino," "Verjin Hayrike," "Hatuk Bajin" and "Vtangavor Xaxer." The portal also features music videos of various Armenian artists, including Sofi Mkheyan, Lilit Hovhannisyan, Sona Rubenyan, Astghika Safaryan and Silva Hakobyan.

"ArmComedy" is a satirical show that takes on political, economic and social issues. The show’s hosts present top news stories with a sense of humor. "Chein Spasum" features host Suran Shahverdyan, who visits and interviews politicians and celebrity guests. "Hatuk Bajin" is a drama about a group of police officers who work on solving tricky cases. offers live steams of Armenian TV channels such as Shant TV, Kentron TV, Armenia TV, Shoghakat TV and Yerkir Media. Shant TV is an entertainment channel launched by Arthur Yezekyan in 1994. The channel airs news bulletins, talk shows, dramas, comedies and reality shows.