Use TextNow for free Wi-Fi texting and calling by signing up for the service at or by downloading the app on a mobile phone. Create a free account by clicking the Create Account button on the home page or choose Sign In Using Facebook.

After registering a TextNow account or signing in with Facebook credentials, you receive a U.S. phone number that sends and receives phone calls and text messages from anywhere in the country. You can access your text messages from the TextNow website using a personal computer or in the messaging interface on the phone app. TextNow is available for Android and iOS.

Users who need service outside of Wi-Fi can upgrade their plan to a paid one by purchasing a Sprint phone through the website. The paid plans use the Sprint network and default to Wi-Fi whenever it is available, allowing users to save money by using their Internet connection instead of paying for the Sprint connection. The phone defaults to the Sprint connection any time the user leaves a recognized Wi-Fi area.

Users of both free and paid TextNow can utilize free voicemail with a personalized message. Custom backgrounds in the app are available using provided backgrounds or backgrounds from the device's camera roll. Both plans are flexible, and users can switch between the free or paid plans at any time.