Garmin device users can use the registration function on the myGarmin website by registering for a myGarmin account and going to the Product Registration page. The user is then prompted to choose the category to which the product being registered belongs, after which the process is guided by on-screen prompts.

Garmin customers looking to register devices in the automotive, outdoor, fitness and sports categories are required to download the Garmin Express program. This program includes prompts that guide the product registration process. Owners of marine and other devices do not use this program.

A myGarmin account is also used to manage and download maps for Garmin devices. This account is also linked to nüLink! services and can be used to activate, renew or manage those benefits. Other items that are download through myGarmin include safety camera updates, vehicle information and various voice options. The service can locate any Garmin tracking device that has been lost or misplaced.

Garmin is a device manufacturer that operates using a vertically integrated business model. The company manages the whole production process of its devices, including manufacturing, design, warehouse processing and marketing. As of 2015, Garmin operates 35 offices around the world and employs more than 9,200 employees.