To use a scanner to scan documents or images, connect the scanner to a computer with an appropriate image editing program. Some scanners may come with software to perform basic photo editing, but it's possible to get other programs.

  1. Connect the scanner to the computer

    Most scanners connect to a computer via USB. Ensure all cords are plugged in, then let Windows install the drivers for the scanner. Follow the steps of the wizard if a program starts.

  2. Place an image in the scanner

    The image needs to be face down and placed flush with the corners of the scanner to ensure that the corners are at the right angles for neatness. After placing the image in the scanner, close the lid, making sure that no other objects are in the field. Don't scan with an open lid; the light can pick up patterns behind the paper.

  3. Start the scan

    If the scanner has a Scan button, press it, and it automatically brings up a menu. Otherwise, open Search, and type "Windows Fax and Scan" in the field. Click this option, then click Scan. After that, click New Scan, and dictate the settings for the scan. When all settings have been finalized, click Scan.