To use a recovery disc for an HP computer, insert the disc, access the Select Boot Device menu after restarting the computer, and run the Recovery Manager utility from the disc. Choose the desired recovery option, create a backup if necessary, and follow the on-screen instructions to finalize the process.

Since HP doesn’t provide recovery discs with the computer, order them via the Support section on, or create them via the Recovery Manager utility that comes pre-installed on the hard drive. After inserting the first recovery disc, restart the computer, and keep tapping the Escape key until the Select Boot Device menu appears. Depending on your computer, use the arrow keys to select the optical drive in which you inserted the recovery disc, or press F9 to access the Boot Menu and then select the optical drive. Once the selection window appears, choose the Run Program From Disc option and click Next.

In the Recovery Manager window, select the Factory Reset option, click Next, and initiate a backup process if necessary by selecting the type of content you wish to save and the location. Follow the instructions, and insert other recovery discs if prompted. Once the Restoration Complete message appears, click Finish. After this, the recovery process should perform a clean Windows installation and restart the computer automatically. Once the process is complete, reinstall the deleted software, and restore the files you backed up earlier.