To upload an image for free, visit or, choose the images to upload from your computer, provide the required additional details, and click on the button that says Upload It or Upload Now. Both the sites allow resizing of images. lets users choose whether the image uploaded is family friendly or not. allows users to set tags for the image and also share it via email. The images can be resized with different proportions, such as 100-by-75 pixels, which is also the size of an avatar; 160-by-120 pixels, or the size of a thumbnail; 320-by-240 pixels, which is the default size of an email; 640-by-480 pixels, which is the size of a message board; and 800-by-600 pixels, which is the size of a 15-inch screen. Both websites also support 1024-by-768 pixels, which is the size of a 17-inch screen. additionally supports sizes of 19-inch and 21-inch screens.

Cloud storage services such as Google Drive and Dropbox also allow users to upload images. These services are better suited to users who want to store their images safely without the fear of them being deleted or lost. These services keep the images privately, and only an individual with the correct account and password may access them. They act like personal online albums. A Google email account is necessary to access Google Drive, while Dropbox accepts any email account. Users are also allowed to upload files, documents and videos.