You can update your device to iOS 7 wirelessly or with iTunes. To update wirelessly, make sure you have enough free space on your device before connecting to your network. To update with iTunes, install the latest version, and check for updates after connecting your device to the computer.

  1. Back up your data

    Before you begin, back up your music, files and other data to iCloud or iTunes. You can also save your data to an external drive or upload it to Dropbox.

  2. Plug in your device

    Plug in your device to a power source. Turn on your device, and wait for iOS to load.

  3. Navigate to Software Update

    When the home screen loads, tap Settings. Then, go to the General tab. Tap Software Update in the General tab.

  4. Download and install updates

    Tap the Download and Install button. According to Apple, your device might start the download process automatically once you plug in your device and connect to your Wi-Fi network. After the update downloads, click Install to start the installation. Enter your password if necessary. You can also opt to install the update later when you have time. Once the installation completes, your device should reboot and load the new iOS version.