To unlock a tablet that’s using the Android operating system, bypass the pattern lock, enter the username and password for your Google Account, and choose a new lock option. To unlock a tablet that runs on iOS, restore the device via recovery mode.

When the lock screen appears on an Android device, draw the pattern incorrectly five times and tap Next once the warning pops up. If you added a security question during the initial setup of the tablet, tap the Answer Question option and type the answer in the appropriate field. Alternatively, select the Enter Google Account Details option, tap Next, type the username and password, and tap Sign in. After logging in, draw a new lock pattern or select a new code.

If you forgot the password or the PIN, access the Android Device Manager utility via and log in with the Google account that you use for the tablet. Click on Lock, enter a temporary password on the website and then enter that password on the tablet. Access the Settings menu and select the Screen Lock option in the Security menu. Enter the temporary password again and follow the instructions to reset the screen lock.

For iPad, disconnect the cable from the tablet and turn it off. Press and hold down the Home button and then connect the tablet to your computer. Hold down the Home button while opening iTunes on the computer. Click OK to restore the device.