To transfer files between computers, connect a USB drive to the Windows 7 recipient computer, start the Windows Easy Transfer utility, and designate it as a new computer in the settings. Connect the USB drive to the old computer, and use WET to transfer the files.

  1. Set the recipient as the new computer

    Boot Windows 7 on the recipient computer, and click on the Start button. Type in “Windows Easy Transfer," and select it when it appears among the results. Click on Next, and select the option that uses an icon displaying an external hard drive. Select the This Is My New Computer option, and then click No. If you don’t have WET installed on the old computer, select the first option. If you do, select the second or third option as appropriate.

  2. Copy the files onto the USB drive

    Connect the USB drive to the old computer, install WET if necessary and start it. Once the utility completes the preparation, click on Next and select the USB Flash Drive option. Check the boxes next to the user accounts and file types you want to transfer, and click Next. Protect the data with a password if you want to and click Save. Wait for the transfer to complete.

  3. Transfer the files to the recipient computer

    Connect the USB drive to the new computer and start WET. Click on Next, and click Yes. Double-click on the MIG file, check every box and click Save. Wait for the transfer to finish before disconnecting the USB drive.