Computer owners can track their internet history by checking the browser history. Popular browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer store a record of visited websites, as long as the cache has not been deleted. Another way of tracking internet history is to install an app that offers this service.

The process of accessing the tracked internet history on Mozilla, Chrome and Internet Explorer varies slightly with each browser.

  1. Tracking history on Mozilla
  2. To access the history on Mozilla, click on the Mozilla tab and then click on "History." A quicker way of getting to the history tab is to press Ctrl+Shift+H for Windows, or Command+Shift+H on a Mac. 
  3. Tracking history on Chrome
  4. Users can track their history on Chrome by clicking on the tools bar and then clicking "History." Another way is to press Ctrl+H. A third option is to install a history button extension into the browser, which allows for easier one-click access.
  5. Tracking history on Internet Explorer
  6. To gain access to the IE history view panel, click the favorite button (marked as a yellow star on the toolbar) and then click the history tab. This brings up an option for browsing history. Users can also bring up the history index by pressing CTRL+H or Command+H.