For most users, it is possible to stop a print job from the Reflex Math learning system using the printer management features of the device used to access the service. However, the precise method for doing so varies depending on the operating system of the computer or tablet in question.

Reflex Math is an online mathematics learning service that runs from a Web browser and is accessible from any computer with an Internet connection. In addition, there is an app for iOS devices, such as the iPad, that allows direct access to Reflex Math. Print jobs from Reflex Math are handled as any other print job by the operating system of the computer or tablet. As with other print jobs, it is usually possible to cancel a Reflex Math print job by selecting it in the device's print queue and then selecting the option that cancels print jobs appropriate to the operating system.

While the popular Windows and Mac OS X operating systems and iOS all feature printer management applications with print queues, the method of accessing the print queue differs from system to system. In most Windows versions, the print queue is found under the Printers icon in the computer's Control Panel or by clicking the printer icon located near the clock in the taskbar, while OS X users can find the print queue in the Printer Utility that is accessible from the Dock or System Preferences. Users of iOS devices can access the print queue in iOS 7 or later by double-tapping the Home key, scrolling right and selecting the Print Center.