Set up a Belkin N600 wireless dual-band router by using the router's built-in Web-based setup page or the setup CD that is included with the router. Instructions for both methods are published in the support section on

To set up the router using the Web-based setup page, first unplug the modem from the power outlet. Connect the router to the modem with an Ethernet cable and plug the router and modem into a power outlet. Look at the card on the underside of the router to find the SSID network name and password. Use this information to connect to the router via Wi-Fi with a computer or smart phone.

To access the Web-based setup page, open a Web browser and type in the address "http://router." Next, click on the green Detect My Connection button. Once the connection is detected, click the green Try My Connection button and restart the modem if asked. Enter a username and password if required by the Internet service provider. Allow the router to check for and apply firmware updates.

After firmware updates are applied or the firmware version is deemed up-to-date, enter a network name and password for the Wi-Fi network and select a security type. After the router verifies the network name and password, click the green Great, What's Next? button and continue to fill out the router registration form. To finish, click the green Thanks, Take Me To The Dashboard button to return to the dashboard.