There are multiple programs that allow online documents to print in color, such as Microsoft Office or Office follows similar instructions to an offline document, by pressing the print tab from the drop menu and following the prompts. While formats the web page and requires the print option to be selected from the browser menu.

One of the most common online document programs is Microsoft Office online. Use the following instructions to print a color document online.

  1. Select print
  2. Click on the side menu and locate the print option. It is found directly under the Save As option.

  3. Wait for the PDF
  4. Microsoft Office first converts the document into a PDF format, so its original layout and format are preserved. Wait for the formatting to finish, then press the next button.

  5. Press the print button
  6. First check the print settings. Either increase or decrease the number of copies. Choose the rest of the format options, then check off the color option and confirm the print.

Websites such as are more commonly used for printing out web pages. This website converts any web page into a printer-friendly version, often deleting the advertisements, borders and extra designs that would otherwise result in wasted ink.