By using certain third-party apps, a smartphone owner can send private text messages to another contact. An app like this allows the user to set how long that the recipient can read the text. Once that time has passed, the text message vanishes from the phones of both parties.

One app that allows a smartphone user to keep texts more private is Silent Circle. It features a time limit on text messages that the user can set up, which later allows that message to disappear completely. Silent Circle calls this allotted time the burn notice.

If a user wants even more protection when using their smartphone, Silent Circle allows them to set up an encryption service when making and receiving calls. With Silent Texts and Silent Contacts, a user can keep their most private information to themselves.

In order to use a third-party app like Silent Circle, both the user and the recipient of the text message or phone call must have the same app, NPR notes. It must also be enabled on both smartphones in order to keep information private. These apps do cost a fee. With Silent Circle, users can become members of the service to keep their phone information private on a monthly basis.