To scan using the HP Officejet 4500, use the HP Solutions Center, and follow the designated instructions. The process differs slightly for documents as opposed to pictures.

The first step to scanning on the HP Officejet 4500 model is installing the required scanning program. The installation disk is provided with the printer when it is purchased new. If it has been misplaced, simply go online and search for the HP Solutions Center application, then download and install it for free. Following this, open up the app and hit Settings. Select Scan Settings and click Scan to...Setup. This page has a variety of options, including Document to File and E-mail, Picture to File and E-mail, and the scanning options of Scan Picture Menu and Scan Document Menu.

If scanning a document, place the document in the paper holder on top of the Officejet device. Select the Scan Document shortcut and select the Update Device option. The document should be scanned as a .pdf file but can be converted to other file types if need be. This document can be saved wherever required. To scan a picture, place the picture face down on the inside, light-sensitive surface of the Officejet device. Select Scan Picture Menu from the Scan To...Setup menu, then hit Update Device. The picture is saved as a .jpg or .png, depending on the internal settings of the computer.