In order to scan documents using an all-in-one printer, first make sure that the printer is connected to a computer or that it has a stable wireless connection. Ensure that the surface of the scanner is clean and that the document to scan is a clear, clean copy. Have the printer’s manual handy, or download a copy from the manufacturer’s website.

Regardless of the printer’s brand, it should have included software that can access each of its functions. In Windows, look for the Scanner and Camera Wizard on the Start menu. On an Apple computer, open the System Preferences panel, and look for the Print & Scan option.

Find the correct printer, and click its icon. If the scanning software offers an option to test, do so to make sure it establishes a working connection.

To begin the scan, place the first page of the document face down on the scanner, and click the option to scan a page. Let the scanner complete its pass, and verify that the image onscreen is clear enough to read. A prompt will then ask if there are more pages to scan. If there are, continue scanning.

When scanning is complete, follow the prompt to save the scan as a file. Most scanning software offers several formats, including JPG, TIFF and PDF.