To scan and save a document, open Windows Fax and Scan, Image Capture or another scanning program, and click the option to scan. Users can then select scanning options, preview the scan and save the scan to a folder on the computer.

To scan a document in Windows, use the following steps.

  1. Open Windows Fax and Scan.
  2. In Windows, the scan manager is called Windows Fax and Scan. Users can find it under Programs.

  3. Click Scan and choose the scan settings.
  4. Selecting Scan makes a new window pop up, which allows users to choose settings, such as color options and file type.

  5. Preview the scan.
  6. Users can preview what their scans will look like before completing the scan. They may make changes to their settings before finalizing the scan.

  7. Scan and save the document.
  8. Click Scan to scan the document. Select Save As to choose a file name and destination for the file.

To scan a document on a Mac, use the following steps.

  1. Open a program that can create scans.
  2. Programs in Mac that can create scans include Preview and Image Capture in the Applications folder and Print & Fax preferences in System Preferences.

  3. Select scanning options.
  4. Select scanning options such as feed options and file destination. Users can choose file destination from the Scan To pop up. To see more advanced options, such as color options and resolution, click the Show Details option.

  5. Scan the document.
  6. Click Scan to scan the document.