To restore a phone to factory settings, find the Restore option in Settings. Restart the device and set it up as new. The steps vary based on the type of phone you have.

To restore a Motorola phone, go to Factory Settings, open the Applications Tray, select "Settings," touch "Privacy" and then choose "Factory data reset." Next, touch "Reset Phone" and select "Erase Everything." If you lost your phone, you cannot reset it remotely. When you use this feature, you delete everything except the content you stored on the MicroSD. Furthermore, the Gmail server automatically stores your contact information.

Before resetting your iPhone, make sure that you have the most updated version of iTunes and connect the iPhone to your computer with the cable that came with it. Then select your iPhone when it appears in iTunes. Click "Restore" in the summary panel and click "Restore" again to confirm and delete all data. After your iPhone is restored to factory settings, it restarts. Follow the steps on the screen to reprogram your phone.

Restore a Samsung phone to factory settings by pressing "Menu," "Settings," "Phone Settings," "Security" and "Reset Phone." After you have pressed "Yes," the device resets back to its factory settings. After the device is done power-cycling, press *228 to reprogram it. Using this feature does not delete your personal information. Rather, it restores only settings such as keypad tones and default ringtone.