Some of the ways to resize a JPEG file include using the resize function in image editing software such as Microsoft Paint or using an online image resizing website such as or The software and services also enable users to crop images or reduce the file size of images.

To resize an image using Microsoft Paint, open the image by selecting Open under the File menu and browsing for the image or by right-clicking on the image in Explorer and selecting Edit. With the image open, select the Home menu and click Resize. The Resize window offers options for resizing by pixel count or by percentage of the original size. To keep height and width proportional to the original image, be sure to select "Maintain aspect ratio."

To resize an image using, upload the image to the website to open it for editing. Optional functions on the editing menu allow users to crop or rotate images or to reduce the file size by adjusting compression and transparency. To reduce the size of the image, either adjust the slider or enter the new size in pixels or as a percentage of the original size. Select the output file type, and click Resize Image.

To resize an image using, either upload the image or enter its Web address. Click "Reduce It!" to generate a page containing several versions of the image at different image sizes and file sizes.