Use an inkjet resetter to reset the Kodak 10 Series ink cartridge chip. A resetter helps the printer detect refilled ink levels and prevent triggering of low ink warnings. You need a color inkjet printer using Kodak 10 Series cartridges and a chip resetter to get started.

  1. Remove the cartridge

    Locate the ink cartridge door on the printer. Open the door, and push on the green lever to loosen the cartridge from its slot. Next, grab the cartridge, and carefully slide it out from the slot. Place the cartridge on a covered surface next to the printer.

  2. Locate the cartridge chip

    Pick up the cartridge, and turn it over. Locate the chip on the bottom of the cartridge.

  3. Use the chip resetter

    Pick up the chip resetter, and press it against the cartridge chip. Hold the small button on the chip resetter for at least three seconds to reset the cartridge.

  4. Insert the cartridge

    Open the printer cartridge door, and place the cartridge back in its slot. Make sure the green lever snaps in place and holds the cartridge tightly. Close the printer cartridge door.

  5. Test the results

    Turn on the printer, and check for any warnings. Print a document to make sure the printer works normally.