To replace a toner cartridge, ensure the printer is turned on by pressing the power button. Having the printer on allows you to gain access to toner cartridges of most units.

After, open the front cover in order to access the toner cartridges. Some models, however, require you to press and hold the release button and pull the lid in front. Upon lifting the cover, the carriage slides to the right unit where the access of cartridges is easy. Withdraw the used cartridges and drum unit assembly from the machine. While some models require you to unhook the cradle supporting the cartridges, others only need you to hold down the blue button at the side of the cartridge carriage.

After removing the used cartridge, unwrap the new one from the box and place it inside its packaging. To prevent low-quality copies, consider shaking the cartridge gently since ink can settle in the toner drum. Shaking enhances full distribution of the toner throughout the cartridge. Take the new cartridge from the packaging, and pull the colored tab on the cartridge to get rid of the protective tape from the bottom of the cartridge. Ensure you avoid contact with the imaging drum to prevent printing quality problems. Now, safely attach the cartridge in place. Your computer detects that a new cartridge has been installed, and the printer is ready to use.