To replace the CR2032 battery on a computer's motherboard, first be sure the computer is off and disconnected from its power supply, then remove the battery from its socket and insert the new battery. While most motherboards allow replacing the CR2032 battery, some do not.

Most motherboards hold the CR2032 battery in a simple plastic socket somewhere near the processor. The socket can be horizontal or vertical, but the horizontal variant is more common. In both cases, simply pull up gently on the battery to remove it from the socket.

Some motherboards have one or more metal clamps holding the CR2032 battery in the socket. If the metal clamps are relatively loose, gently pull up on them with one finger while pulling the battery out with the other. If the clamps are tight, look for a small button or switch on the socket. Activating this switch usually releases the clamps. Snap the clamps back into place after installing the replacement battery.

Unfortunately, some motherboard manufacturers encase the CR2032 battery entirely in plastic, making regular removal impossible. These motherboards require a professional to remove the entire socket assembly and install a replacement.

The CR2032 powers the computer's nonvolatile memory when machine is not powered on; this memory holds the computer's BIOS settings and real-time clock information. Replacing the battery reverts all of these settings to factory defaults.