Use an inkjet refill kit to refill printer cartridges. Remove the cartridge from the printer. Put gloves on, place the cartridge on a non-porous surface and peel back the label to reveal the ink holes. Select the appropriate ink color from the refill kit, and slowly squeeze it into the hole. Refilling takes some time, as the ink must absorb into a sponge in the cartridge. Once all the colors are refilled, replace the label.

If the label does not stick back down, secure it with tape. The ink holes must be covered to prevent the ink from evaporating. It is good to check if the cartridges are refillable before purchasing the printer, as some manufacturers do not allow it. Refilling cartridges is often messy, and printer ink can stain floors and work surfaces, so prepare for spills.

You may need to pierce the refill holes with a pencil in order to add the ink. If the refill kit includes blunt syringes, use the needle to penetrate the foam inside the cartridge before adding the ink. Avoid pushing air into the foam, as bubbles can prevent ink from reaching the print head. Blot color cartridges on paper towel to check if they are ready for use. The print head should leave three colored ink stripes on the towel.