Refill an ink cartridge by attaching a small piece of cardboard on the hole on the bottom, pulling out the stopper and then filling the cartridge with ink. Many ink refill kits have all the tools you need, but if they don’t, use some supplies from around the home.

  1. Attach cardboard to the bottom

    Use rubber bands to attach a small piece of cardboard on the bottom of the cartridge to prevent ink from coming out of the cartridge when refilling.

  2. Remove the stopper or plunger on top of the cartridge

    Heat a small screw with a cigarette lighter, and place the heated end in the stopper. Then pull it back out with pliers.

  3. Fill the cartridge

    Use the syringe that came with your ink refill kit to fill the cartridge with ink.

  4. Remove the cardboard

    Take the cardboard off the bottom of the cartridge so that the excess ink can run out.

  5. Replace the stopper

    Insert the stopper, and screw it back into the cartridge. Unscrew the screw from the stopper, making sure that the small plastic end stays in the cartridge.

  6. Test the cartridge

    Place the ink cartridge in the chip reset device. When the device beeps, insert the cartridge back into the printer.