There are several methods that can be used to recover or reset a forgotten administrator password including using the default password, using a password reset disk and using a password recovery tool. If these methods fail, the administrator password can be reset by doing a clean install of Windows.

The first method to attempt for a forgotten administrator password is trying to log in to the administrator account. To do this, type administrator as the log in user name and leave the password box blank. If this works, the user can reset the administrator password under the User Accounts section of Control Panel.

Another method that can be used is a password reset disk. A password reset disk is created by using the User Accounts section of Control Panel. Click on the name of the user whose has forgotten the password, select the option that says prevent a forgotten password and follow the instructions. If it is not possible to create a password reset disk, try downloading a free Windows password recovery tool from the Internet and following the instructions.

As a last resort, performing a clean install of Windows will reset all passwords and users. This should only be done in extreme cases as all data contained on the computer is deleted during the process.