To read a Verizon Wireless coverage map, visit and select the Why Verizon link on the homepage. The coverage map offers information on nationwide coverage regarding 4G LTE and data reception.

After selecting the Why Verizon link, scroll until the Use the Coverage Locator option is shown; click on the link. The website presents coverage maps of competing mobile service providers that serve as a means to compare companies. Nationwide 4G LTE coverage on the Verizon WIreless map is represented by the color red, while the maroon represents Verizon 3G coverage and the mauve color is designated for Extended 3G coverage. Any white areas on the map symbolize areas with no coverage.

Narrow coverage areas according to 4G LTE, data, call and text, prepaid or push to talk using the options located above the map. For information on each option, hover over the question marks to the right of each button. To see coverage for a particular area, type an address, city or ZIP code in the search bar at the top of the page.

The coverage locator map only applies to national calling, mobile broadband and prepaid plans. The map offers a general prediction of coverage according to the company's internal data, and wireless services may experience network and transmission limitations, which can interfere with the accuracy of the coverage map.