To properly shut down your computer using a Windows operating system, click the Start button, and then click the Shutdown option. To shut down an Apple computer, hold the power button for about 1.5 seconds, or go to the Apple menu and click the Shutdown option. The exact way to shut down your computer depends on the operating system and device.

If you notice an exclamation mark on the Shutdown icon for your computer with a Windows operating system, then your computer is indicating that updates are set to process before shutting down. An Apple computer may give you a confirmation message before shutting down to ensure this is the action you want to take. You can skip the confirmation message when you use the Apple menu by holding down the Command key when pressing the shutdown.

Shutting down your computer makes the process of restarting the computer longer than if it restarts from a sleep mode. Additionally, shutting down your computer properly helps you save energy and keeps your data secure. However, shutting down the computer by clicking the Shutdown option or pressing the power button does not save any currently open work, since it automatically closes all active windows.