Programming a RCA DTA800B1 remote requires using a special sequence and code found inside its manual. The sequence uses the PGM button, which refers to program, to set the remote up for the code to be used. Once the code is inputted, the remote should begin working with its respective set-top box.

Unlike universal remote controls, the RCA DTA800B1 is designed to work solely with its paired set-top box. The program code for this remote is found inside the provided manual on the last page and comes in a three-digit form. Use the following instructions to program a RCA DTA800B1 remote control.

  1. Read the code
  2. The code can be found at the last page of the instructional manual. Flip to the back, and obtain the code.

  3. Turn on the program function
  4. The remote control has a special button that switches it into the programming function. Press and hold the PGM button until the signal indicator stays turned on.

  5. Enter the code
  6. Input the code from the manual's last page into the remote control. Once finished, press the OK button to exit out of the programming mode.

  7. Check the controller functions
  8. Press the volume buttons on the remote to ensure that it is working properly, and then use the control normally.