To print on envelopes, open the Microsoft Word Envelope Wizard, follow the props to enter details, and make adjustments. Ensure a printer is hooked up to your computer, load an envelope and then click Print.

  1. Open Microsoft Word software

    Open Microsoft Word by locating the shortcut and clicking on it. As an alternative, locate the software from the Start menu.

  2. Open the Envelope Wizard

    Locate and open the Envelope Wizard. Click on Mailings, and Envelopes from the Create section to find the Envelope Wizard.

  3. Enter the address

    Once you have the Labels and Dialog box open, enter the address you want to print on the envelope.

  4. Check the Envelope Feed options

    Click the Feed tab from the Labels and Dialog box, and review the feed options. Adjust the settings to fit the envelope, if necessary.

  5. Check the Envelope Size options

    Click the Envelope Options tab, and check the size settings to ensure they match the envelope. Make any necessary adjustments.

  6. Check the Font options

    From the Envelope Options dialog box, click the Font button. Verify the font options, or change the font size and style if you desire.

  7. Click the Print button

    Load an envelope into the printer, and click the Print button.