To print information on Avery name badge labels, first download the appropriate template from, and edit the template in a program such as Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Word. After filling out the template, insert the label sheets into the printer, and use the program's print command to print.

One of the biggest issues with printing Avery name badge labels is ensuring that the information appears within the correct boundaries and not off the label and into the margins. To avoid this issue, use one of the templates available on the Avery website. Each label set has its own custom template that contains detailed formatting to ensure all information appears in the right location. Many of the templates are available in several formats, depending on the program with which you are most comfortable.

Ensure that you use the correct template by comparing the name and dimensions of the name badge labels as they appear on the box to the template's listing on The site also includes a feature that allows you to search for templates based on the product. Once you design the labels in the appropriate program, insert the label sheet into the printer, open the print menu, and set the correct orientation from the print command.