Most photography labs and pharmacies that develop film are able to print from slides, but if wish to print them yourself, place the slides in a scanning holder, and scan them into a digital file. Using editing software, process the image file for scale, resolution, contrast and exposure to ensure the scan is true to the image, and then print the image.

For recreational photography, any modern scanner is sufficient to print from slides, provided you have a negative/slide holder. The holder is a multi-image frame for your slides and is commonly available at most photo supply stores. Place the slides in the holder, and scan them to your desktop as you would any other file. Scan the files into a .raw or .tiff format if possible. Otherwise, a high quality .jpg is sufficient. If the scanner does not distinguish each slide as a distinct file, separate them in the editing software.

Once the image files show up on the computer, import them to your photo-editing software. Tweak and edit the files as desired. When you wish to print, flatten and save the image as a high-quality .jpg at a size appropriate to the scale at which you plan to print, and then click Print.