To print CD labels, use an image editing software, such as SureThing or Photoshop, to both design and print the label. You need a software capable of printing CD labels, a laser or inkjet printer and blank laser or inkjet CD labels.

  1. Design the label

    Launch the software. Choose a printing template that matches the labels you purchased. Use the software's tools to add and edit text, including the text's size and color. Choose a background color, or customize the background with an imported image or varying colors.

  2. Test the label

    Load plain white paper in your printer. Go to File in the software's main menu bar, and select Print. Click OK in the Print preferences window. Observe the printed test label. If you are not satisfied with the final image of the label, go back to the software, and edit the label where you see fit.

  3. Print the label

    Ensure that the CD labels are compatible with the type of printer you own. Load inkjet CD labels in inket printers. Load laser CD labels in laser printers. Load inkjet/laser CD labels in either printer type. Go to File, and select Print. Make any necessary changes in the preferences window. Click OK to print the label.