To get ASX files to play in Windows Media Player the Windows Media Player codecs may need to be reinstalled, or a URL should be located within the ASX file in Notepad. If Windows Media Player and the ASX file are in working order, the program should be able to play the file without hassle.

The ASX file format is designed to link Windows Media Player to an external file or set of files. The ASX file in itself is not what is being played, but instead it is a set of directions to a different file that will be played. If Windows Media Player is unable to use an ASX file properly, then use the following steps to play the file.

  1. Open the ASX file with Windows Media Player
  2. Locate the desired ASX file and right-click on it. Then go to "Open with" and locate Windows Media Player. If this does not play the file, then move on to the next step.

  3. Reinstall the Windows Media Player codecs
  4. If the ASX file is not able to be played, then certain Windows Media Player files must be corrupted. Navigate through the Windows Media Player website and reinstall the codecs. If reinstalling the codecs do not fix the problem, then move on to the next step.

  5. Open the ASX file in Notepad and locate the URL
  6. Right click on the ASX file that is not being played and open it with Notepad. Search through the text and find a URL. Copy the URL and go to "File" in Windows Media Player and paste it into "Open URL." This should play the correct files if the files are not corrupted.