Open a PRC file using a smartphone, tablet or e-book reader. If your device does not open the file, convert the PRC file to a MOBI or similar compatible format with Zamzar. You need a Web browser and an Internet-ready device to start the process.

  1. Open a Web browser

    Open your preferred Web browser, and navigate to the Zamzar website. Though Zamzar is free to use, you can purchase a membership to manage your converted files any time in the future.

  2. Import the PRC file

    Click Choose Files on the home page, and navigate to your PRC file. Click Open to import the file to Zamzar.

  3. Choose a conversion format

    Click the drop-down menu to display a list of conversion formats. Scroll down to the E-Book Formats section, and select the MOBI format. This format works on mobile devices such as the Kindle Fire.

  4. Enter your information

    Type your email address in the text field. After converting the file, Zamzar sends a link to your email.

  5. Convert the file

    Click Convert, and wait for Zamzar to complete the conversion. Check your email address after a few minutes for a link to download the converted MOBI file. Open the file with your mobile device.