Customers can make an Apple support appointment online through their desktop computer or via their Apple Store App on an iPhone or iPad, notes iMore. The support appointment is actually with the tech support employees at a local Apple store.

Use this process to make an appointment with Apple support.

  1. Launch the Apple Store app
  2. Double-tap on the Apple Store app on an Apple device to launch it. Click on the 'Stores' tab and then tap on "Genius Bar."

  3. Make the appointment
  4. Select the device that is causing trouble from those available via the app. Fill in the desired date and time for the appointment. Review the reservation to ensure that the appointment is made at the closest Apple Store. Click "Book Reservation."

To make an appointment via the computer, visit the Apple website and click on "Support." Scroll down to "Contact Support" and click on it. Click on "Learn More" under "Service Options" and select the device that needs servicing. Click on "Take in for Service" and then click on "Visit the Genius Bar." Fill in the required information to make an appointment.