Look up a Case IH serial number at PartStore.CaseIH.com. This website allows you to find a model by the serial number and then displays exploded diagrams for the model's assemblies, along with a parts listing for each assembly. You can also order parts online through this platform.

At PartStore.CaseIH.com, click the Parts Catalog tab near the top of the main page, and then click the Find By Serial Number link on the upper-right of the page. Type the serial number in the Search By Serial# box near the top-left of the page, and then click the search icon to display a listing representing entries in Cash IH's serial number database. Click an entry to display tabs that allow you to display the manual or find and purchase parts by keyword.

To display a manual, click the Manual tab, click a folder icon beneath the Function Groups heading to display a list of assemblies, and then click an assembly to display an exploded diagram and parts lists. Click a part listing to display additional details about a part. Click the Add to Cart button on the upper-right of the page to order it, or click the Have a Question button to ask a question about the part using an online submission form.

Alternatively, find a part by clicking the Part Search tab after clicking on a Case IH model listing, and then type keywords in the Search box. Click the search icon to display a list of parts containing the keywords near the bottom of the page, and then click the Go to Assembly link associated with a part to display its exploded diagram and a list of parts in the assembly.