To sign out of Gmail, open your Gmail inbox, scroll to the bottom of the screen, open the Details window to sign out of all other Gmail sessions, and scroll back up to the top of the screen and locate your account menu. Open the menu, and click Sign Out.

  1. Open Gmail

    Go to Click on the Gmail link in the top right corner of the screen. Alternatively, browse to

  2. Locate the Details link

    Once your Gmail inbox has opened, scroll down to the bottom of the screen. On the lower right are the words "Last account activity" and a link that says "Details." Clicking on this opens a new window.

  3. Sign out of other sessions

    At the top of the new window, find the button that reads "Sign out all other sessions." If you want to sign out of all Gmail sessions on all devices and computers, click this button. If you want to close your current session and leave yourself logged in on other devices, close the new window, and go to Step 4.

  4. Close the current session

    To close the current session, scroll back up to the top of the screen. Locate your avatar in the top-right corner. You may see a blank avatar or your email address instead. Click the drop-down arrow next to your avatar to open the account menu, and click the Sign Out button.