In order to lock a screen door, a screen door lock has to be installed. Locks are available for doors made of wood and metal. There are also different locking systems to choose from, including push-button locks, key locks and combination locks.

Homeowners can also choose from push-pull handles for their screen door lock in addition to dead locks that require the use of a key. Screen door locks are available in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, metal, brass, aluminum and plastic.

It's best to write down the dimensions of the door before buying a new lock. The thickness of the door, the swing direction and whether or not the door slides should be written down. Some screen door locks include a paper template where homeowners can mark where the screws of the lock need to go on the door and the frame. Depending on the store, screen door locks might also be referred to as storm door locks or latches.

Screen doors don't make for efficient security barriers for homes, but they are good for keeping out insects when homeowners want to leave the doors of their home open during the warmer months of the year or for ventilation.