To install CB radio linear amplifiers, ensure the antenna has the correct SWR, or Standing Wave Ratio, readings, and then connect it to the amplifier. CB radios come with 4 watts of power, as per FCC guidelines, and using linear amplifiers boosts their wattage to more than 10 watts, ensuring a longer transmission range.

Make sure your antenna has a reading of 1:5 SWR ratio before installing the amplifier because anything higher than that can damage the transistors in the linear amp. Also, make sure the dead key on your CB radio is not more than 10 watts because it overheats if it's more than that.

Unscrew the antenna coax from your radio, and place the amp next to it. Connect the antenna coax plug into the OUTPUT socket. Connect one end of a double-ended patch lead to the CB radio and the other end to the INPUT socket on the amplifier.

For mobile linear amplifiers, connect the red wire to the positive terminal and the black to the negative terminal of the power supply. Ensure the power supply can provide the amount of amps required by the amplifier; otherwise, you won't get maximum performance. If you have a home-base style linear amplifier, the one with a built-in power supply, plug it into an electrical outlet, and turn it on.