To install a printer without the OEM installation CD, download software drivers from the manufacturer’s website. In order to choose the correct driver, you must know the brand and model number of your printer and the name and version number of your computer's operating system.

Installing a printer without a CD requires you to know your printer’s model number. Find this information in the printer’s user manual or on the tag on the body of the printer containing its serial number.

Go to the manufacturer’s website, and locate your printer’s driver in the Support and/or Downloads sections. Search for the correct driver using the printer’s model number. You also need to choose the correct version for your computer’s operating system. You should find versions for several different releases for Windows and Apple OS.

Download the driver software to your computer or other storage medium. Many drivers arrive as compressed archives, so you may have to unzip the archive to find the setup file. Also, if there is a README file, usually a text file, read it before you begin installation.

Follow the directions in the README file, or double-click the setup file, usually named "setup.exe," to begin installation of the drivers, following the on-screen prompts. When the setup prompts you, print a test page. If the test page prints correctly, then the installation was successful.