Use the Mac Font Book to install a new font on your computer. The Font Book also provides options for viewing, removing, organizing, validating, enabling and disabling fonts all within a single program.

  1. Download a font

    Download a free font from an online source, and save it to the Downloads folder. Open a Finder window, and click Downloads from the left pane. Unzip the file if necessary.

  2. Locate the Font Book

    Click on the Finder icon in your dock to open a new window. Select Go, and click Applications. Open Font Book from the list.

  3. View the font

    Double-click the font file to view a sample in Font Book. Use the pop-up window to change the typeface if any are available.

  4. Install the font

    Click the Install Font button to install the font on your computer. Wait for Font Book to validate the font and to detect any issues that may arise. To install multiple fonts, select the File menu, and click Add Fonts. Select every font you want to install, and click the install button.

  5. Remove the font

    If you want to remove the font for any reason, select the font in the Collections column. Next, select the name of the font in the Font column. Click File, then Remove "font name" Family.