If the computer that needs service is still under warranty, call a U.S. support number, and request help or ask for replacement parts if necessary. Best Buy offers support through its Geek Squad service, as do many of its retail competitors.

Many repair technicians operate as one-person businesses that rarely advertise, but some technicians place ads on local Craigslist pages. Prices charged by experts vary considerably. However, many experts offer estimates if they can diagnose the problem quickly. Expert technicians charge more per hour than regular technicians, but they can often perform the work faster.

Although Geek Squad is typically more expensive than individual technicians or small companies, its work is generally guaranteed for a certain period of time. Therefore, to mitigate the cost of any recurrence, it may be cheapest to hire Geek Squad to fix the problem than to solicit the help of a local company. When dealing with hardware issues, it is a good idea to ask if the relevant part comes with a warranty.

Universities often have computer support centers that provide support for software and hardware problems. Owners who use their computers for work might find the information technology department helpful, although company policies vary.