Customers get triple minutes of purchased airtime permanently when they buy a Tracfone Android smartphone as of 2015. As long as the customer's account remains active, the accumulated minutes carry over and do not expire.

The triple minute offer is valid for whatever type of Tracfone Android smartphone a customer purchases and lasts as long as a customer keeps an open account. For instance, if a customer buys an airtime card for 120 minutes of phone, text and data time, the customer instead receives 360 minutes of time for each function. However, because airtime service cards only have a limited number of service days, customers must purchase another card to add more days before the account terminates and the customer loses the accumulated carry-over time. If a customer uses a monthly value plan, the triple minute offer triples the amount of time in the monthly plan.

Although Tracfone calculates the use of phone, text and data time separately, a customer cannot add these services individually but must purchase a complete airtime card when time for one service runs out. Tracfone charges customers time for both incoming and outgoing phone calls and texts. Tracfone also charges for both text and data for multimedia texts.