There are multiple ways to diagnose packet loss issues, ping and data transmission, including contacting a service or hardware provider and testing the connection with a website such as Pingtest. However, there is no direct fix for packet loss, only methods to work around the issue.

Calling the Internet service provider may help with the issue if it is occurring within the provided hardware. The provider may then reset a router or send out a technician to diagnose the issue. Most commonly, packet loss occurs when there is low or interrupted ping. Testing the connection between servers with sites like Pingtest may determine if there is an issue with data traveling from one point to another.

Packet loss occurs when data sent via the Internet is either incorrectly received or not received at all. The speed at which a packet, or cluster of data, travels is called "ping." While ping may be very high when communicating between servers that are close together, ping may encounter barriers or obstacles in the network pipeline between servers. When this occurs, data is received incorrectly, such as when a Skype call has low quality or drops all together. Depending on the route the data must travel and the method in which it was delivered, data may arrive quickly but incorrectly.