As of 2016, some websites selling stands that work with Panasonic plasma televisions include,, and Television stands for Panasonic televisions are also available from sellers on eBay.

As of 2016, a television stand sold on is compatible with several Panasonic TV models, including the 47-inch LCD model TH-47LF5U and the 50-inch plasma model TH-50PB2U.

Vendors on sell universal television stands for different television sizes. Some stands come with wall mounts, while other stands provide a ground base. Some customer testimonials have noted certain universal television stands have worked with Sony plasma televisions, such as the ShopJimmy Universal Table Top TV Stand/Base.

The ShopJimmy website has multiple options for television stands. The company sells universal stands and bases for television sizes ranging from 15 to 32 inches and 37 to 70 inches. Universal stands with wall mounts are also available. In addition to universal stands, there are Panasonic-specific stands sold on the website.

The Plasma Centre website allows users to select the size of their Panasonic television, with available options ranging between 14 and 103 inches. After selecting a size, a series of stands appear, which are compatible with televisions of the selected size. The Plasma Centre accepts multiple payment methods such as PayPal, AmazonPayments and several major credit cards.

Stands posted on eBay include a mix of universal television stands and stands that are specific to Panasonic televisions. Some stands on eBay are intended for specific Panasonic plasma television models, such as the 42-inch TH-42PZ77U television.