To restore Windows 8, use the System Restore utility that comes with the operating system to set the computer back to an earlier saved restore point. If this is your first time restoring the computer, the process resets the operating system back to its original settings.

  1. Start the System Restore utility

    Use the mouse to right-click on the bottom-left corner of the Windows 8 screen. Select System from the pop-up menu that appears to open the System window. Click System Protection in the window to the left of the System window to open the System Properties window. Press the System Restore selection to start the restoration application.

  2. Choose a System Restore Point

    Click the Next button located at the bottom of the System Restore window. Under the System Restore Point listing, click on one of the listed restore points. For systems with too many restore points to list in the window, place a mark in the Show More Restore Points check box to list the remaining restore points.

  3. Scan for changes

    Click on the button marked Scan for Affected Programs. This provides a list of programs affected by the restoration process. Write this list down, as these programs may need to be reinstalled to work properly with the restored Windows 8 system.

  4. Restore Windows 8

    Press the Next button to confirm the restoration point, then press Finish to restore the earlier settings.